I love Slovenia – Golden Drum (2009)

Inainte de Golden Drum 2010, am participat si la Piran Poster Award si la concursul de copy – I love Slovenia din 2009. Nu stiu la ce m-am gandit atunci, acum mi-am amintit de proiect si am zis ca nu mi-e rusine cu el, desi mare lucru n-am facut. Cred ca am vrut doar sa imi masor muschii capatati la orele de atletism din gimnaziu. Si degeaba mi-am dorit eu locul 1, că ei mi l-au dat pe 3.

Brief-ul era urmatorul:
Short copy (up to 1.500 characters) on I FEEL SLOVENIA – SLOVENIA FOR YOU.
The copy had to build upon the existing tagline I FEEL SLOVENIA and aiming to generate interest for visiting Slovenia as an attractive and unique tourist destination.

Iar eu am scris așa:

„Dear bliss hunter,
You may think of each road you take as the next adventure of your life. Good for you. Nevertheless, if you choose to visit Slovenia, well, you may need to reconsider. Seriously. Before stepping foot into the Republic of Slovenia, you should be fully aware of the consequences: this country has strong effects on people. Unconscious tourists returned home heart-broken, severely torn by heart-aches, doomed into never wishing to visit anything else. Such serenity in the mountains will be breathtaking. The medieval touch or the narrow streets can cause alienation. You will feel strange, like you are in some kind of different world, where time has stopped for a huge second. One look at the Mediterranean will simply put a spell on you. The gastronomic mix will change your eating habits forever. The Slovenians may even razzle dazzle you into not leaving the country at all. They may trick you into doing things that cause adrenaline explode. You will not be able to choose. Going with your instincts will be risky.

But if you are that stubborn and really wish to go, I urge you to prepare. Check you heart pressure. Your heart beats can jump way high. See an eye-doctor. Decide if your sight is up to all this. It will be painful to stare for hours. Consider a psychiatrist. You will definitely want to talk about everything you saw. The bare sight of a rare place will haunt your thoughts night and day. Don’t make me say: I told you so.

Still, let me rephrase it: Slovenia can cause love crushes. It’s like abracadabra on your tiny little heart. You won’t even see it coming. Bam! Love at first sight. Flaming sparks and all. The wicked place is very much alive. Alive like Santa Claus, on Prozac, in Disneyland, getting laid (as my Friends seem to think). Therefore, beware. Sit on it for a while. If you still feel the need to visit and put on the tourist clothes, then God speed. I wouldn’t want to stay in front of true love. If you can deal with the love issues, then Slovenia really is for you. Go get yourself a crush. Feel Slovenia.
For a second opinion, tourist guides always come in handy.”

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