Piran Poster Award Competition (2010)

În cadrul festivalului Golden Drum, există această competiție. Unde există acest brief:

The mayor of the municipality of Piran and the Golden Drum invite you to take part in the traditional competition for the best and most creative poster, this time on the topic Birdwatching.

BIRDWATCHING, as lovers of intact nature call discreet watching in this bird paradise, has become a part of the rich tourist experience of Portorož and Piran, Home of the birds.

Therefore, create a poster – an invitation to Piran Portorož where one can also find the primeval peace of pure nature and lost beauty paradise.

Iar cu Adina ne-am gândit la câteva idei, dintre care unele au văzut și lumina unor vizualuri.

Wild Guess 1Wild Guess 2Wild Guess 3


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